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Timeline & 100Masters | Reprinted Edition

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Timeline & 100Masters | Reprinted Edition

Auther : PhD Hokama Tetsuhiro
Translation : Charles Joe Swift
Cover Design : Teruya Tadashi
Director : Narumi Hirokazu
Language : English

□ This book is a reprint of "Timeline & 100 Masters", which was originally published in English in 2012 in a limited edition of 1000 copies.
All books are marked with Hokama sensei's calligraphy and stamp. 
This book can only be purchased at

□ This book is a chronological summary of the history of martial arts, a crystallization of human wisdom that has been passed down from the ancient Mesopotamian civilization through the Silk Road and Marine Road to India, China, and the Ryukyu Islands.

□ The latter half of the book contains information on 100 karate masters from Ryukyu and Okinawa, which will help you understand Okinawan karate more deeply.
This book is the culmination of Tetsuhiro Hokama's work as a Ryukyu historical researcher.

Note : The history of major karate from ancient times to 2000 is described in this book. The original book about 100 Masters was published in 2001. Okinawan famous Masters alive at that time are not included.
This book is a reprint of it.

Note : This book was out of print until today(2021.12.22), but in response to many requests from around the world, we have decided to reprint it with a new cover design. The contents are the same as the original version.

Note : The current stock will be shipped immediately, but depends on the stock, it may take some time due to the need for printing and binding.
Thank you for your understanding.

温故知新 / On Ko Chi Shin
"Learning from the past and Find a new knowledge"