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The 7 samurai of Okinawa Karate | Limited Edition

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The 7 samurai of Okinawa Karate

This special limited edition is a rare book that is signed by the author : Hokama Tetsuhiro. We will only provide the number of copies we have in stock. There are no plans to print more copies of this book at this time.

Table of contents

Chapter 1  Outline of karatedō history

Chapter 2  The 7 samurai of Okinawa karate

Part 1 : A man called Tōdī Sakugawa, Sakugawa Kanga

Part 2 : Makabe-chān, the expert of front flying kick, Makabe Chōken

Part 3 : Bushi Matsumura, the duel with the bull, Matsumura Sōkon

Part 4 : The Bushi of Tomari, Matsumora Kōsaku

Part 5 : The father of the international diffusion of karate, Funakoshi Gichin

Part 6 : Motobu Udundī, Motobu Sāru, Motobu Chōki

Part 7 : The saints of the fist of Näfadī, Higaonna Kanryō and Miyagi Chōjun

Chapter 3  Reminiscence of time with masters

Chapter 4  The Okinawa Prefecture Karate Museum & Achievements

Introduction of the museum
Various scenes at the museum and during seminars
Aiming at the creation of a Karate Nobel Prize

The 7 Samurai of Okinawa Karate
Author        Hokama Tetsuhiro
Cartoon      Yamazato Shuta
Translated  Miguel Da Luz