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SHIBUMI | Patrick McCarthy

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SHIBUMI | Patrick McCarthy Sensei
Interview as of October 2021

Patrick McCarthy
Dual citizen; Canadian/Australian
Born in Canada, married/lived in Japan for a decade [mid 1980s-mid 1990s],
relocated to Australia for more than 20 years, Currently residing in Okinawa.

Studying the fighting arts from childhood.
Former Canadian Karate Champion and internationally top-ten ra-ted competitor.

Teaching since 1973.
Japan-accredited Karate Shihan instructor with a 9th Dan and Hanshi license.
Responsible for having written the first-ever fully accredited 2-year college-level instructor’s diploma program.Principal Karate teachers were Richard Kim [1917-2003] and Kin-jo Hiroshi [1919-2013].

Director of the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society
[the first organisation of its kind], est. 1988.

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