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Ryukyu Masu Arts | 初志貫徹

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Ryukyu Masu Arts / Hokama Calligraphy

升 is Masu
Masu is a one of traditional items (wood glasses) in Japan and Okinawa.
Why is Masu considered to be a lucky charm?
Masu has long been regarded in Japan not only as a measuring device for grainand rice, but also as a lucky charm.
Masu is used for toasts at new year party, anniversary party, weddings, and celebrations.

Also Masu is a kind of Japanese talisman.
At the celebration, he carried his own Masu (square wood glass) in his haori (kimono) and went to greet the each master and toast him.

However, there are many theories as to why they are auspicious.
Some of the reasons why it is considered auspicious are as follows

1 Because it was used as a vessel to offer rice, beans, and rice cakes to the gods.
2 Masu itself, as a vessel to hold offerings, was also considered to be auspicious.
3 Because the materials used to make masu were used for shrine fittings and rituals.
4 Because the word "masu" means "to gain" or "to increase".
5 Putting the four(4=SHI) corners together(AWASE) means happiness (SHIAWASE).

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