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Martial Arts of Ryukyu | Master Edition

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Martial Arts of Ryukyu | Section 1
From the basics of martial arts to suparinpei's kata, with techniques performed in all directions. The video also includes the practice of Gyaku waza techniques. As well as the techniques of Kobujutsu that have been created from the tools of life.

  1. The Legendary Bujin Uni-Ufugusuku
  2. Kata Seienchin
  3. Episode of Uni-Ufugusuku
  4. Stretching Exercise
  5. Training for Arms and Legs
  6. Kata Sanchin
  7. Kata Gekisai Dai Ichi
  8. Essence of Gyaku Waza
  9. Kata Sepai
  10. Kata Suparinpei
  11. Breaking Technique
  12. Kata Bunkai and Yakusoku Kumite
  13. Kobujutsu Goeku no Ueku-te
  14. About Tonfa
  15. Kobujutsu Tokuyama no Tonfa
  16. Kobujutsu Sakugawa no Kon
  17. Kobujutsu Ufugusuku no Bo
  18. Kobujutsu Sansetsu Kon
  19. Ending

Martial Arts of Ryukyu | Section 2
This video covers the training methods of the ancient Okinawan style of karate, once known as tee, from basic to advanced kata and kobujutsu kata, and the essence of the special techniques revealed here and now.

  1. Introduction of Karate
  2. Kokyu Ho
  3. Training of Chi-shi
  4. History of Okinawan Karate
  5. Training of Sa-shi
  6. Training of Ta-gu
  7. Training of Sanchin Ga-mi
  8. Training of Nukite
  9. Training of Sanchin
  10. History of Gojuryu
  11. Kata Kyozai gata
  12. Kata Kururunfa
  13. Explanation of Pressure points
  14. Kobujutsu Shushi no Kon Dai
  15. Kobujutsu Shushi no Kon Sho
  16. Hokama no Nunchaku
  17. Nunchaku no Waza
  18. Ending

Martial Arts of Ryukyu | Section 3
From the basics of Okinawa's original martial arts to advanced forms, names and techniques of Ken, and a thorough explanation of the universe and martial arts theory of the eight phrases of Kempo.

  1. Introduction of Finall Section
  2. Kobujutsu Chibana no Sai
  3. Kobujutsu Kama no Ke
  4. Madu and Tambo
  5. Nunchaku vs Tambo
  6. Kenpo Taiyo Hakku and History of Bubishi
  7. Kata Fukyu gata
  8. Kata Shisochin
  9. Kata Seisan
  10. Animal Movements
  11. Kata Sanseiru
  12. Kata Saifa
  13. Goshin jutsu and Gyaku waza
  14. Introduction of Okinawa Prefecture Karate Museum
  15. The Proverb of Miyagi Chojun sensei
  16. Ending

Shihan Tetsuhiro Hokama 8th Dan (as of 1997)
Okinawa Gojuryu Kenshikai Karatedo Kobudo Headquarters

All rights reserved.