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神髄 SHINZUI | 0016

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Series : 武人羽織 | Bujin Baori
Material : 大島紬 | Oshima Tsumugi

神髄 SHINZUI is the world's first haori created for martial artists.
The haori is a jacket worn over a kimono since ancient times in Japan.

The sleeves have been designed so that martial artists can wear it over their Dogi for instruction and demonstration. Haori with sleeves of this shape are not found anywhere in the world. It has been given a new life as a haori for martial artists.

Oshima tsumugi is often used for kimono and is called "King of Kimono". Oshima tsumugi" is recognized as one of the world's top three textiles along with "Gobelins" (France) and "Persian carpets" (Iran).

Transcending time and space, this haori will be delivered to you.
Experience the Samurai spirit first hand.
The Essence of Martial Arts.

Serial Number Body Length Sleeve Length Sleeve width Weight
0016 90cm 70cm 30cm 0.3kg