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神髄 SHINZUI | Dento 0003

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Series : 伝統羽織 | Dento Baori
Material : 羽織生地 | Haori Material

神髄 SHINZUI is the world's first haori created for martial artists.
The haori is a jacket worn over a kimono since ancient times in Japan.

The Dento Baori is that allows you to own a traditional kimono that has not been altered in any way. You will be able to see the world and your mind through your haori, just as the samurai did hundreds of years ago.

This haori is a genuine traditional kimono made in Japan. 
It is brand new, but highly valuable, having been made by craftsmen several years to several decades ago. Please note that some may be stained or frayed due to age and deterioration.

Transcending time and space, this haori will be delivered to you.
Experience the Samurai spirit first hand.
The Essence of Martial Arts.

Serial Number Body Length Sleeve Length Sleeve width Weight
DE 0003 88cm 69cm